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What the new girl in playschool did with her hair

By Bert, aged 3.8

There is a new girl in my class and her name is Willow and she is mean and I do not like her.

Everybody is too scared to say anything to her because her older brother is good at karate and there is a rumour that her dad is a terrorist because he once made a room with some people in it go Boom.

All of Willow’s friends are the horrible girls who laugh at me and steal my fingers of Fudge. But Willow tells them not to let the haters keep them off their grind and so they do what they like.


I know for a fact that it was Willow Smith who stole the poster paints when we did the potato printing but she said she was just tryna have fun and she would whip me if I told anybody.


And I do not know how she gets away with it because she has been doing her “art project” everywhere. For MY art project I have been making a 1:5 scale model of Suri Cruise out of lolly sticks. But Willow has been running around the playschool whipping her hair about and splattering everything with what she calls her ‘shine’.

She is a bully and there is no other word for it. And it is the likes of me that will end up clearing up her mess because we will get the blame.

For now, Willow has won. But I do not think that will be the end of this struggle.