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Tied up with string: May

May? It’s a bit late to start banging on about May isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. But there you go. Here are a couple of the things I enjoyed most and would recommend from the last month, after which I’ll hopefully get back to writing some more fun stuff.

AN album:

I’ve been loving CocknBullKid’s Adulthood. It’s stuffed with delicious big tunes shot through with grim humour, and it’s criminal that it didn’t chart any higher. The video for One Eye Closed might well be my favourite video of last year and it’s a good indication of what to expect.


The Hotel on Channel 4 has been the best fly-on-the-wall series I’ve seen in a long time. Gently observing, never judging, and always sharply edited to bring out the maximum of humour from each situation. Sometimes the humour was mixed with tension, like in the amazing sequence that dwelled on the build-up to a fella’s surprise proposal to his girlfriend. Sometimes it was mixed with pathos: I’ll never forget the episode in which a loved-up couple gradually got more and more drunk and fractious to the point of her storming out of the room to leave him feebly waving a hairdryer at his piss-stained trousers.

At time of writing the whole series is available on YouTube :)


Beyoncé’s appearance at the Billboard Awards, doing Run The World, is one of those career-best moments that you can only gawp at. The stagecraft, matching super-hi-tech to good old fashioned hoofing, is dazzling, energetic and astoundingly precise. You’ll believe a woman can be in three places at once! Skip to 3:00 in if you want to get straight to the action.