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Celebrity Families: The Carters

International superstar Beyoncé has caused quite a stir by adopting her husband Shawn’s name for her forthcoming “The Mrs Carter Show” tour. We asked her about the reasoning behind it.


“It’s a powerful name. It’s a name of power,” Beyoncé tells me as we sit over cocktails and a plate of scotch eggs in a pop-up artisan cafe on the deck of a Dover-Calais P&O ferry that’s moored in uptown Beverly Hills. “For a good few years while Jay [Shawn’s “rap name” is Jay-Z] was growing up, his mum [TV’s Lynda Carter] was Wonder Woman every week on tv and his dad [Jimmy] was president of the USA. And that’s exactly the sort of drive and ambition my solo career encapsulates.”

It must have been quite a childhood, I say. “Hell yes!” spurts Beyoncé, waving at the waiter for prawns. “He used to get teased something awful at school. ‘Show us your magic bracelets!’ ‘Negotiate a peace with Cuba!’ All that sort of thing.” She sighs wistfully.

Just then we’re joined by Beyoncé’s aunt Helena [Bonham Carter, best known for her role as Don Johnson’s love interest in Miami Vice] – they briefly brush each others’ hair in greeting before settling down to tell me more. “When I had my kids they were always over at Lynda’s wanting to play with Jay-Z,” confides Helena in an outrageous Cockney accent. “My eldest Dwayne [Carter, best known today as musician Lil Wayne] has quite the rivalry with Jay these days but they were so friendly once. They used to do raps together over Sunday lunch!” Did they have beef, I ask. “No, chicken usually,” says Helena.

Beyoncé’s thoughts turn to the lost members of the Carter clan, as a regretful breeze ripples across her perfect skin. “Jay hardly sees anything of his uncle Chris these days,” she moues. “He went a bit wild with his conspiracy theories about twenty years ago, it was all ‘the truth is out there’ and ‘trust no-one’ and ‘aliens are in the jelly’ and that sort of thing. He and his kids the Backstreet-Carters have been shut off ever since. Poor Nick and poor little Aaron.”

“They wanted it that way,” spits Helena bitterly.

Still, happier times lie ahead, I venture, drawing Beyoncé’s attention back to her forthcoming tour and the reason for our interview. “Yes, and perhaps now you appreciate a little of the wonderful Carter legacy,” she says with a sweet, winning smile. “With all that rich history behind the name I’d be a fool not to adopt it for promotional purposes.” And the loss of the Knowles name? “My father Nick will be devastated. But with the money from the tour he’ll finally be able to do up his house.”


Tied up with string: April

SOME albumS:

Katy B’s On A Mission is a brilliant, brilliant piece of work by anyone’s standards. The lightness and breeziness of pop, beefed up with everything that’s good from the current dance scene, and powered along by charm, energy and personality.

There’s a point in Go Away, when Katy’s doing that characteristically amazing thing she does, her voice swooping and pouncing everywhere, but never sounding forced or strained, always effortless and natural, when you think ‘Wow, this has been a superb album’. And then you think ‘Wow, hang on, there are still those three massive singles to come.’  Mind you, since I first had that thought in a sunny garden, Easy Please Me has been announced as the next single. That’s the cheeky one that sounds like it could be a great lost b-side to Erasure’s Drama!. So it’s a month after release and the album’s already back-loaded with four stunning singles. I would say that it’s the sound of London in the spring, but it’s going to be playing all summer as well. And I think Katy’s music is a friend for life.

I’m also taken with the understated electro-soul of Jamie Woon’s Mirrorwriting. Nocturnal and melancholy, organic and urban, delicate and meaty. Very nice indeed.

An advert:

Oh how I dream about eggs. And Scotch eggs! They’re just filthy. In the new Oasis – It’ll Go With Anything ad, a bottle of juice seduces just such a coquettish crumbed treat. “You’re more than just an egg! You’re hard boiled! And meaty! And BREADED.” Speaking for us all there.

When we join them in flagrante, some of her coating’s come off – you see the yolk and everything. “You’d better put your lid back on!” she coos. But no-one’s looking at him.


I love this austere, menacing video for Sadness Is A Blessing, my favourite song from Lykke Li’s recent album. Oh, her luminous sadness. The unspoken grief, the sense of being trapped. I suspect Lykke could be a great actress if she wanted to be.


I’ve been based in a different location with work this month, and as a result I now get a train to just outside of London every morning. Have you seen what’s out there? Fields! With animals in them! People who haven’t spent their whole lives in cities will scoff at me, but I still get excited every time I see ponies, sheep and horses from a train window. PONIES!