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Chase and Status: statuses and chases

Yes, it’s Chase & Status’s new album No More Idols reviewed track-by-track using only chases and Facebook statuses.


Status: No Problem is in the mood for a great night out!!!

Chase: Loping and energetic, it’s a steeplechase.


Status: Fire In Your Eyes is taking itself a bit too seriously lol!!!!

Chase: Humourless and repetitive, it’s Chasing Pavements.


Status: Let You Go changed their relationship status to “It’s Complicated”

Chase: Ghostly and vengeful, it’s Doctor Who’s 1989 haunted house Gabriel Chase.


Status: Blind Faith is FUCKIN MAD FOR IT

Chase: Lost in nostalgia, it’s chasing rainbows.


Status: Fool Yourself is so messed up right now!!!!!

Chase: Confused, overlong and boring, it’s Doctor Who’s 1965 serial ‘The Chase’.


Status: Hypest Hype hurt my knee on the gravel this morning but still goin!!!!

Chase: Bouncy and colourful, it’s pretend-gay 80s comedian Duncan “Chase Me” Norvelle.


Status: Hitz is now in a relationship with Tinie Tempah

Chase: Hiring someone who’s a safe bet, it’s Chevy Chase.


Status: Heavy is now single. Heavy is now in a relationship with Dizzee Rascal.

Chase: Britrap guest star overkill. It’s time to cut to the chase.


Status: Brixton Briefcase is feeling a bit dark!!!!!!!

Chase: Sleek and thrilling, it’s an early 80s movie car chase.


Status: Hocus Pocus is wondering where it’s friends r?????!

Chase: Ultimately pointless, it’s a wild goose chase.


Status: Flashing Lights is remembering how things ussssed to beeeee…..

Chase: Clever and pretty, it’s popular high street stationery chain Paperchase.


Status: Embrace is rocking out in the kitchen!!!!!!!

Chase: It’s self-serving and it does no favours to anyone involved. It’s chasing the dragon.


Status: Time is a big fan of Ellie Goulding!!!!!

Chase: Nothing we haven’t heard before, it’s chasing its tail.


Status: Midnight Caller is all on my own tonight, who wants to chat lol?!

Chase: Enjoyably creepy, it’s plant-obsessed 70s Doctor Who supervillain Harrison Chase.


Status: End Credits is glad that’s finally over!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase: A handsome and polished way to finish the album, it’s former ‘N-Sync member JC ‘All Day Long I Dream About Sex’ Chasez.