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Lana del Rey’s Born to Die: Picture & Infographic Special

Llama del Rey. Llama del Rey. You can’t turn a corner on the internet without running into a picture of Lana del Rey mocked up as a llama. The only thing annoying me about this is that everyone else got there before me, when it’s the sort of weak pun/visual gag that this blog was invented for. So I’ve had to come up with some of my own. And along the way I’ll explain the album with some helpful CHARTS and FACTS.

Lana del Ray

Weather forecast

If there’s one thing Lana likes to sing about more than kissing and reckless love, it’s the weather. It’s always summertime in her songs, but as the lyrics tell us, conditions are very changeable.

Lana del Howards' Way

Travel advice

If there’s one thing Lana likes to sing about more than kissing, reckless love and the weather, it’s the places she’s been. Now YOU can travel in her footsteps with this handy guide to visiting all the locations mentioned in the album, in order!

Dana del Rey / Lana del Hay / Lara del Raider


If there’s one thing Lana likes to sing about more than kissing, reckless love, the weather and travel, it’s clothes. Hardly a song goes by without her telling us what she’s wearing. Mix and match your own Lana del Rey capsule wardrobe with this chart showing which outfits she mentions the most! NB: I’ve not included any accessories or make-up. We’d be here all bloody day.

Lana del Ray... Ray... Radiation Wave Meter!

Yellow fever, and how to get it

A while ago on Twitter, Michael Dennis laid down a challenge. “Do something on your blog about the paucity of yellow items in Doctor Who,” he said. “Go on.” Or words to that effect. Well I can’t resist a ridiculous idea like that, and I do endorse all the citrus colours on this blog. How could yellow have been so overlooked? The colour of sunshine! Of creativity! Of pus!

Well a bit of a Twitter brainstorm followed, and so you have Dan and Andi to thank for some of what you’re about to see too. It turned out there were quite a few yellow things in Who. And of course, many songs to choose from to soundtrack them. So I made this: