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Pissing in public with Blue

What a busy week it’s been for boyband Blue. First they announce they’ve reformed to sing for the UK at Eurovision. Then days later Antony Costa demonstrates his love for the city streets by pissing on a cashpoint machine in central London. Let’s have a look, based on lyrical evidence, at where the boys might be marking their territory next.


Public piss location: A tower block stairwell.

The song: Bubblin’

Love the way you’re shakin’ it for me, can we take it upstairs from the lobby?

I don’t see nothing in you and me bubblin’

How do we get started, how do we get private?

Once we get inside, it’s gonna be troubling

You and me bubblin’ 

Simon says: I love the convenience of a stairwell, especially when in company. It really sorts out the men from the boys.


Public piss location: On the dancefloor

The song: Too Close


Step back you’re dancing kinda close

I feel a little poke coming through on you

Now girl I know you felt it

Before you know it, I can’t help it 

Lee says: I love the privacy and excitement of a darkened dancefloor! Keep your handbags on the tables to be on the safe side, girls!


Public piss location: Out of a car window

The song: Fly By


What a night, so far

Pullin’ up kerbside in your car

What a sight, you are…

UK style, UK flow – We got you hot like Whoa!

Duncan says: I’ve never felt so free or so male as when I’ve been pissing in the wind from a moving car.


Public piss location: A courtroom

The song: All Rise


You’re on the stand, with your back against the wall

Nowhere to run, and nobody you can call

Oh no, I just can’t wait!

Antony says: I’d like to apologise to the members of the court, to my mum, and to the people of the United Kingdom, whom I am proud to be representing at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany.