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Hello! My name’s Bertie Fox (sometimes known online as Orange Anubis) and on this blog I like to write about pop music, telly, films, adverts and that sort of thing. You can find me on and Twitter too.

Some of the running series on the blog are:

Little Bert – Pop videos re-imagined through the eyes of a pre-school child

YouTube Watch – Reviewing obscure categories of YouTube uploads far too seriously

TV Pitches – Putting music acts through the indignity of appearing in TV shows based on the names of their songs

The Project Manager’s guide to Doctor Who – I think that’s fairly self-explanatory

Celebrity Families – A distressing series of magazine interviews set in a world where any celebs who happen to have the same surname are actually closely related

If Popstars Were… – Looking at the common topics (Witchcraft! The Apocalypse! Lebanon!) that are common in pop music through the ages

Adverts Explained – in which I explain adverts

Episode Guides – Comprehensive guides to your favourite TV shows, whether real ones like S Club 7’s various outings or entirely made up ones like my love letter to 80s children’s telly Chicken & Lantern

Videographies – Taking a look at common video themes throughout a pop act’s career, for instance the poor manners of Kylie Minogue or the health & safety blunders of Jason Derulo

Monsters at Home – Demystifying the terrifying, with a look at the cosy home lives of some of fiction’s most frightening creatures

Frippery, Ramblings and Reviews – Everything else mostly ends up here, mostly, which is where you’ll find for instance my Lana del Rey infographics, my reversal of the whole Margaret Thatcher/Meryl Streep ‘situation’ and (by some degree my most popular post of all time) an in-depth look at whether Glasvegas are gay or not

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