Tied up with string: March


In case you can’t tell from the last post, I bloody love Plan B’s Ill Manors. A top ten hit that says out loud that calling any of us ‘chavs’ is a rotten, fucked-up thing to do. While being exciting and confrontational instead of worthy. With Shostakovich breakbeats! Here‘s my favourite article about why it’s so good.


The sad demise of EastEnders‘ Heather at least meant an excuse to give her a ludicrous send-off. So her hen night saw Hev & Shirl breaking into a brilliant and  unlikely Mel & Kim dance routine..,

…which led Andi to suggest it just needed a slo-mo sepia treatment to turn it into a proper tribute, which of course I couldn’t resist…

It’s what Heather would have wanted. I don’t think Hazell Dean will ever again be mentioned on primetime tv.


I’ll spare you any of the morbid photos I’ve taken, but I’m now in the last month of working somewhere so blighted that my walk from the station regularly leads me to step over dead rats littering the street. Here’s to the lovely rats. Let them run x

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