YouTube Watch: Dogs who tilt their heads

I’m picking my way through the best and worst of YouTube’s most popular genres so you don’t have to. This time, I’ve looked at the elusive art of filming the doggy head-tilt…

My dog Sam tilts his head – Dog head tilt video – SUPER CUTE! You can see all the challenges of the genre in this introductory video. There’s a balance to be struck between piquing a dog’s interest enough to initiate a tilt and getting it so excited that it starts running around. The signs are good as this video opens with an adorable mutt in the almost existential arena of a large bare room with a sandy carpet, but some basic mistakes are made. And by the end the lure of licking its own arse wins out over all other considerations. 2/10

The Pug Head Tilt With 4.3 million views and an As Seen On TV! endorsement this is YouTube’s most viewed canine tilt video. “For a ride, for a walk, or to bed?” This doggy Daddy Or Chips conundrum is the catalyst for a trio of cricked pug necks. Nicely framed on an attractive rug with excellent taunting, you can see why it’s become so popular. I like the closing zoom on the last dog, who it seems didn’t care about any of the mooted activities and was enjoying head-swivelling for its own sake. 4/10

How to make your dog tilt their head Oh no, no, no. This isn’t what we’re looking for at all. “Scratch their ear and they will tilt their head in that direction.” Show, don’t tell! And despite repeated attempts the poor confused dog is more interested in licking her owner’s arm than anything else — there’s hardly a decent tilt to be seen. Soundtracking this farrago with Eminem talking about one shot and one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment just adds insult to injury. 1/5

Shiloh’s Birthday? Dog head tilt Sledding – Fan Friday #26 At six and a half minutes this is a video for hardcore tilt fans only. So is it worth picking through? Well, it’s enlivened with occasional crash zooms for a start, and you’re guaranteed dramatic muzzle angles with a long-faced dog. A Q&A from viewers plays throughout, the highlight of which is the very ambivalent look from the dog on the sofa when they discuss the possibility of turning its fur into yarn. 3/10

聞いてるんだよ (I’ve Been Listening, according to Google Translate)

It takes some serious trawling to find this one, readers. No English search tags at all. But that’s why I’m* here for you! (*Actually @baradar85 found it for us.) So, abandoning any pretext of subjective opinion, this is clearly the loveliest and most watchable dog tilting its head on YouTube or anywhere else. The most alert and loving of faces. The most pleasing of tilt angles in quick, regular succession. The gentlest of coaxing voices. And if you watch right to the end — a lovely little yelp. 5/5

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