Tied up with string: February


There have been some amazing songs released this month. Here they are:

Usher’s Climax might well turn out to be the best song of the year.

King of Hearts by Cassie makes me melt.

I love everything about M.I.A.’s Bad Girls. The song, the video — perfection.


Madonna’s Super Bowl extravaganza was extraordinary. For someone who takes herself quite so seriously most of the time, it’s a relief to see her revelling in her own ridiculousness. The staging! The costumes! The moves! Especially that little ‘doing a quick poo on the move’ move. Love it.


It is this happy and excited DOG, whose DOGCAM ANTICS Kate was lovely enough to make sure I saw. It’s worth watching to the end, to see the FUN THAT DOGS HAVE when ALONE TOGETHER.

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