Health and Safety with Jason Derulo

Poor Jason Derulo’s gone too far this time, as the below tweet shows. And we’re all very aroused sorry to see him so helpless in a neck brace and hospital gown. Let’s take a look at the health and safety record of his videos so far to see if he’s been taking many other risks. Because accidents are ALWAYS avoidable.

Jason Derulo with fractured neck

Whatcha Say: When not looking pensive on a sofa or standing in doorways ruing his foolish infidelity, Jason indulges in some very risky dancing on a narrow, unsecured fire escape.

Hazard rating: 7/10

In My Head: Dancing on a wet road outside a store, when a car could pull up at any moment. Stopping distances are at least doubled in damp conditions, Jason!

Hazard rating: 6/10

Ridin’ Solo: Even if Jason doesn’t take someone’s eye out with those spikes, driving at night with sunglasses on almost guarantees a tragedy.

Hazard rating: 9/10

What If: Yes, we KNOW Jason reverses time in this video so that his lovely girlfriend doesn’t get splattered on the road. But it should never have happened in the first place.

Hazard rating: 10/10 or 0/10, depending on timeline

The Sky’s The Limit: “It’s very dangerous to fire energy weapons in an enclosed space.”

Hazard rating: 3/10

Don’t Wanna Go Home: Another day, another slippery puddle. :-(

Hazard rating: 4/10

It Girl: NO, Jason!

Hazard rating: 8/10

Breathing: He’s going to catch his death standing around half-naked in that draughty warehouse. If he doesn’t break his arm doing handstands on that wall first. Oh Jason.

Hazard rating: 10/10

Fight For You: Finally, as though Jason doesn’t put himself in enough danger, his date in his last video decides to push a glass off the work surface while they’re snogging, FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Subsequent scenes of picking shards of glass out of each others’ feet not shown.

Hazard rating: 8/10

Get well soon, Jason!

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