Tied up with string: July


I didn’t even think I liked trance. But the way Tom Ewing’s Guardian article described araabMUZIK’s Electronic Dream made it sound irresistible: the sounds of the genre chopped and screwed about until they sound like a distant memory of euphoria. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing (see also: Burial; The Caretaker) and Electronic Dream doesn’t disappoint. It’s woozy and energising all at once, ideal headphone music for a cushion against the world.

Then there’s Selena Gomez & The Scene’s When The Sun Goes Down, a perfect and pristine album that I recommend to anyone not afflicted by music snobbery, and Lil B’s I’m Gay (I’m Happy) which is as rambling and melodramatic a rap album as you like. And I do.


Sometimes it’s no bad thing to give a show a go just because you fancy someone who’s in it. So if we started watching Sirens solely on the promise of staring at Kayvan Novak for an hour, we ended up finding it funny and warm and clever enough to justify a chunk of Monday night on its own terms every week. But from the reviews I’ve seen, we’re on our own in rating it. Hope it gets a second chance.


Lurpak have pulled out all the stops with their food porn spectacular Kitchen Odyssey. Beautifully art directed and technically brilliant, it includes the most exciting slo-mo close-up egg-smash I’ve ever seen.


Yes, it’s a baby pangolin. No, I don’t need a special reason. Let’s all just stop and look at its little face. There.

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