YouTube watch: Dogs under doors

Crazy Dog Under The door In one sense this video’s got everything we’re looking for, from the urgent paw thrusting through the gap to the jubilant appearance of a wet nose. And the cinema verité set-up, with that sharp angle on the carpet, is also to be praised. The moments when the dog writhes and thrutches in the ecstasy of unfulfilled transition, or runs briefly around the mysterious room beyond the barrier, half-seen, mostly suggested, are excellent. An excessive amount of taunting from the human in the clip renders this less than perfect. Still, you have to admire the audacity of the film-maker in going in for that extreme close-up around 1:20. 4/5

The Dog Under The Door I like the first-person perspective as the camera explores the hallway at the start of this clip, strongly reminiscent of the opening sequence of John Carpenter’s similar Halloween. And the canine reveal is handled with an equal sense of darkness, as its face fills the screen with shadow before its paws pad unknowably away. It’s not entirely what we’re looking for though. 2/5

Dog Squeezes Under Door For all that it’s poorly lit and statically framed, there’s no denying this video ticks many of the genre’s most important boxes, from the initial exploratory paw and nose, to the thrill of the threshold wriggle. Exuberant joy from a triumphant little dog at the end lifts this slightly above the average. 3/5

Amazing Chihuahua Fits Under the Door Crack It’s with some reservations that I include this video at all. A chihuahua is more rat than dog. And if I didn’t know better I’d suspect that door had been deliberately hung high to facilitate exactly this sort of shenanigan. Little to recommend it. 1/5

Dog Squeezing Under Garage Door Lola’s journey is a dramatic one. We’re plunged straight into the action as not just the paws, but a full sideways muzzle pokes frantically through the gap. As you follow her quest, you’ll see some encouraging petting, and some desperate clawing at a nearby tyre. At 0:56 something extraordinary happens. Another paw, another muzzle! Who is this mysterious dog, the colour of lightly burnt syrup, who’s intervening?

Sadly Lola’s bid for freedom is unsuccessful. But in many ways that feels right! Ultimately the story of a dog under a door is the story of us all; our own animal natures in conflict with the demands of the modern world, as we wrestle with fate in the liminal spaces between one darkened state of existence and another. It’d be naive to suggest that an easy resolution is possible. For style, and drama, this is the best video of its kind. 5/5

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