YouTube Watch: The magic of Interpretative Dance

Interpretive Dance Rhythm Is A Dancer (The Original) Because sometimes, “as serious as cancer” just isn’t serious enough. Moves to watch out for include the ‘Churchill, can I really save money on my car insurance?’ (0:04), the ‘Milking a giant cow’ (0:15), the ‘Greek Tragedy’ (0:25) and the ‘Man Machine’ (0:54). 2/5

Kristin and Lindsay to raise me up It’s a slow, awkward start, but there’s little on YouTube to rival the appalled look on the face of the girl at front right, as she turns to camera at 0:10. Then things get a bit more dynamic at 0:25 when the dancers nearly take a tumble. There’s some showboating as the chorus kicks in, and a surprise guest running into shot in the final moments. Don’t wait up – it’s not Westlife. 1/5

celine dion interpretive dance Whose music could be better suited to a dramatic interpretation than Celine’s? Still the opening might leave you confused, as the camera zooms in on some split ends, but bear with it. Watch for the ‘Three Potato’ at 0:17, the Liza Goddard-styled ‘It’s a TV show!’ at 1:02, the ‘Sisterhood of Karn’ at 1:28 and, most especially, for the dangerous technical coup de theatre of the ‘clusterfoot’ at 1:37. It all goes a bit freestyle after that. 3/5

Improvised Dance part 1/5 – Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto n. 3 – 1st Movement.m4v Words almost fail me with this fella. Is he a body-popping spider? Is he a gangly robot? Why is he in his pants and socks? Fortunately he’s provided many of the answers in his blurb for the video: “There’s a story to go with this dance: Here, we are introduced to the dancer. He has had an idea and believes it to be his own.” You’ll have to watch for yourself to find the truth in that statement. 4/5

Can You Feel It dance (HD) This woman is a legend. She’s got over 1,000 videos uploaded and she never seems to run out of spunk. Watch how she coaxes us into her world with that confident over-the-shoulder smirk. And then how that knowing nod signifies: IT’S ON. At some point as she whirls and pounces, we notice that she’s wearing a spare pare of Pringle leggings as fingerless gauntlets. Sometimes her hair gets stuck to her face in the excitement. But mostly we’re caught up in her dance, five minutes of transcendent private joy made public. It’s terrible when it ends. But we’re left with her looming hugely towards us as though for a kiss. And there are 1,000 more to watch… 5/5

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