YouTube watch: The fans of Daniel Bedingfield

This time on YouTube Watch, I’m looking at Daniel Bedingfield’s superfans – the ones who love If You’re Not The One enough to risk going public with a YouTube cover version. How will they fare? And what about that big note?

Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One (Auto-Tune) There’s a refreshing casualness here, compared to some of the earnestness that’s coming up. jeffersonkim delivers his performance slouched on an office chair, framed by a superbly messy backdrop, swivelling and fidgeting away, with the occasional builder’s sniff to punctuate Bedders’s timeless melody. Sonically, you might be put off by the trilly autotune, but the alarming stereo separation is worse, if you’re listening on headphones. As for the big note, he wins me over with a very gracious ‘refusal at the first fence’ and a long sigh instead, as though finally reaching a toilet on a busy day. 3/5

“If You’re Not The One” – Daniel Bedingfield (COVER) (HD) Romance! Passion! Drama! Such things can bore. And someone’s gone a bit mad with the swirly graphics and screen-in-screen effects. The big note is passable, and as for the sensuous video backdrop, YouTube commenter harbordman puts it best: ‘That sheet could have done with an iron.’ 1/5

Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One (Paolo’s Version) Is that an uncomfortable pause at the beginning? Technical difficulties? NO! Paolo is simply allowing the words ‘Here’s your song request Cyrus’, ‘My gift to you’ and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to slowly appear, before announcing the start of proceedings with a devastating wink to camera. And what proceedings. He teases us with the big note the first time around, but on the final one (around 4:16)… Let’s just say that after I listened there was a scuffling noise at the front door and when I opened it, all the neighbourhood dogs were sat there expectantly. I don’t know what they wanted. 2/5

If You’re Not the One – Daniel Bedingfield and Nikki Gil (Cover by Khrystle) You know those adverts for cancer or whatever, where a child’s voice sings a haunting nursery rhyme while the camera pans around an empty room with abandoned toys etc.? That. Extraordinary. However it doesn’t seem that Khrystle is really dead. She simply chooses to illustrate the big note (it’s OK) with a splash of Ken Burns Effect across a discarded High School Musical ring binder and charm bracelet. 4/5

two know Music Video (If You’re Not the One – Daniel Bedingfield) And THIS, saved till last. The full cinematic treatment in a video from Same Difference tribute act ‘two know’. HE roams around melancholic woodland clutching at fences while SHE sits on a settee looking supremely bored until it’s her turn to sing. There’s amazing ‘literal video’ treatment for the lyrics ‘run away’  and ‘crying on my bed’, and — not that I want to spoil anything — the moment when our star-crossed pair are finally reunited features the best ‘awkwardly sitting down at the same time while leaning on each other’ dramatic move that I’ve ever seen. Terrible. 5/5

Daniel Bedingfield is launching his new video from his Facebook tomorrow

3 responses to “YouTube watch: The fans of Daniel Bedingfield

  1. I can see that the ‘two know’ video is influenced by the closing moments of Warriors’ Gate, but how come the female ‘know-er’ isn’t ravaged by the Time Winds? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

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