Doctor Who and the Black Swan

I was going to write something sensible about my obsession with Black Swan and why I love it so much. But that’s not really in keeping with the film. This ridiculous, over-the-top assault on sanity demands a response along similar lines.

One of many thousands of things I love about the film is its strict use of a colour scheme. Everything is either black, or white, or a transitional light pink or grey, with various symbolic meanings attached.

It got me thinking (just in case this post appears even more batshit than intended) about Doctor Who in the early 80s, and the alarming/brilliant costuming decision that led to the Black and White Guardians — the ultimate cosmic forces of chaos and order — being represented by two distinguished character actors with different coloured birds on their heads. And so:

3 responses to “Doctor Who and the Black Swan

  1. Michael Dennis

    Amazing. I’m obliged to point out that Davison is more likely to have said “What’s the matter?” than “What’s up?”. Otherwise, flawless. That back cover has sent a shiver down my spine.

  2. Aha I do see your point. I claim the “Persian carpet” defence, whereby a single imperfection is not only tolerated, but actively desired :)

  3. Michael Dennis

    I withdraw, as ever, chastened, awed.

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