YouTube Watch: Dogs eating eggs

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“Feeding Whole Raw Egg” We’re looking for certain attributes in these videos: the right combination of uncertainty, licking, kick-chasing, optional stamping, the all-important ‘crunch’ moment, and hopefully a bit of yolk. This introductory video delivers most of those, but unexceptionally, until the final moments, when a nice close-up muzzle shot pans out to reveal an interested rival dog, sniffing the nearby spoils. 3/5

“Wesha eats an egg” A lovely gentle bitch, nicely framed, wastes no time here. A quick pawing and before you know it she’s licking the crack. AMAZING yolk reveal, very luminously yellow and perfectly exposed. Even the dog appears to raise an eyebrow. This video also features a last-minute appearance by a rival dog, and on this occasion it’s a shame that the camera is so easily distracted by it. 4/5

“My dog eating an egg” Frisky dog is reduced to a pleasing, slightly baffled state on the appearance of an egg and demonstrates nice jaw-grip and good control of the classic ‘nose push’ manoeuvre. A natural playfulness between dog and egg develops, with some very frolicsome antics in the grass. Perhaps because of this, the very sudden smash and chomp at the end feels more like a violation than a consummation. 3.5/5

“Dog Samoyed Pamela and Egg” Hmm. It’s always a bit of a disappointment when the egg turns out to have been pre-boiled for the dog’s benefit. I include this video for the excellent extreme close-ups and “mucky muzzle action”. But it’s overlong (when you find yourself wondering who’s going to be cleaning that rug, you KNOW they’ve jumped the shark), and the two-minute coda (two minutes!) of the dog’s supposed dream sequence is lamentable. 2/5

“Boiled egg Vs basset hound” The most action-oriented of these videos features a quite remarkable battle between the beast and its food. The basset’s combat techniques are startling, exciting, and well deserving of the slow mo replay they’re at one point granted. A genuine sense of danger and drama pervades, even when the egg is pulverised and clearly no longer a threat. This video is so good that you can watch right to the end before you stop and think ‘Hang on – that was PRE-PEELED!’ 5/5

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