Hang Out The Bunton

‘Emma’s Tweet romance’ is the front page headline of this morning’s Metro, above a big photo and brief story saying that Emma Bunton had announced her engagement on Twitter yesterday. It’s infuriating. I know the media are all very antsy these days about stars having direct access to their fans through Twitter, but I don’t think “Celeb uses the internet again” really justifies a headline.

Yes, there are times when the way in which an announcement is made can be an interesting part of the story, for instance if Emma had, like Moriarty on last year’s Sherlock, communicated by forcing a crying hostage with a bomb strapped to them to speak her words. But I don’t like to think that Emma Bunton would do that.

She did go on to reveal the engagement to millions of Dancing On Ice viewers on live telly a few minutes later, which is slightly more interesting, and is the angle the Metro are now taking with the online version of the story, but still. If we’re going to insist that the medium is the message I’d like to see variations on the following headlines please:

‘Webbing Bells for Emma!’ (announcement is made on the star’s website)

‘A Pressing Engagement’ (announcement comes in the form of a press release DO YOU SEE)

‘A Marriage Made In Her Mouth!’ (announcement is made by star speaking it WITH THEIR MOUTH)


One response to “Hang Out The Bunton

  1. Good luck to her i say :)

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