A Piece Of Sausage Surprise

Go on Britney, it's your favourite.

So I’ve got this audio mash-up I did a couple of years ago knocking around on my hard drive and it needs a home. And Gillian Wright did some lovely acting as Jean Slater in Eastenders again this week, didn’t she. And Britney’s new single’s good, isn’t it. So it’s any excuse really. Click below to listen.

3 responses to “A Piece Of Sausage Surprise

  1. *COUGH* Gillian *Wright* *COUGH*.

    [obligatory] who I worked with on a production of Lord of the Flies way back when (she was choreographer, oddly) and again on a CITV show called Sir Gadabout [/obligatory].

    That was extraordinary.

    P.S. I *do* remember sausage surprise! Just a memory…

  2. Oh cheers, that’s corrected now [NOTE FOR POSTERITY: PLEASE IMAGINE MY MISTAKE WITH GILLIAN’S SURNAME WAS HILARIOUS, NOT JUST BANAL] – my attention to detail’s slipping!

    Anyway, I think she’s brilliant. There’s no-one in Eastenders who can switch between high comedy and high tragedy quite so convincingly.

    Michael your showbiz connections always astound and delight; if I can ever work a post around an amusing juxtaposition between Professor Litefoot and X Factor Brenda then I WILL (I’m pretty sure I can’t).

  3. I’m pretty sure you can.

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