YouTube Watch: Chickens laying eggs

When you’re pressed for time and faced with a screenful of YouTube results it’s hard to know where to start. So I’ll be reviewing some of the top hits on some of the internet’s most popular topics for you. You’re welcome!

“Chicken laying egg! GREAT GROSS VIEW!” This one takes you straight to the centre of the action, with a very intimate view of the chicken’s rear end as she strains to do her business. Some shaky camerawork and erratic focus let it down, but that’s made up for by the pert, glistening egg and the proudly twitching feathers. Needs an edit at the end. 4/5

“Chicken laying an egg” Very slow, with too much faffing about in the henhouse and a surfeit of cutesy captions. The money shot comes around the 4 minute mark, filmed a little too discreetly in profile for my liking, but with a nice plumage display. 1/5

Chicken laying egg 3, AMAZING VIEW! A very action-packed feel to this brief video, but the human fingers constantly teasing the arse-feathers out of the way are somewhat intrusive. There’s a fine line between primping and pimping! Bonus point for the sudden dramatic camera-tilt retreat at the end. 3/5

“CHICKEN LAYING AN EGG Polzeath Cornwall” A very chatty and rhythmic chicken makes this video a nice initiation for the first time egg-watcher. Because you get to know this friendly bird so well, it’s not too disappointing when it turns out at the end (Spoiler!) that the egg’s already been laid. 2/5

Chickens Laying Eggs Sideways camera and a confusing, disjointed plot mean I can’t really recommend this one. 0/5

“aussie chook laying egg – this one’s a cracker!” And it really is, this one’s got it all. There’s a LITTLE bit of stage management at the beginning, but otherwise this is one chook who’s all too happy to show us what’s passing through her glory hole. A lot of tension during the side-to-side shifting and straining, before a nicely timed caption takes us to the finish. Textbook. 5/5

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