This Train Does Not Stop at Nerva Beacon

My jaw dropped while watching EastEnders last week. I’m not talking about the unprecedented levels of festive grimness in the swap-your-dead-baby-with-your-mate’s-one storyline (ALTHOUGH YES). It was the astonishing special effects in the tube train ride that caught my eye. That rolling backdrop reminded me of something, and as soon as I’d put my finger on it I knew I had to make a little video tribute, to see just how far the BBC’s special effects had come in 25 years (A BIT).

8 responses to “This Train Does Not Stop at Nerva Beacon

  1. I think they need to get the Colour Separation Overlay 1982 Update down Walford way… it also looked like the two actresses were filmed at different times or maybe they always have that level of chemistry.

  2. Good lord, your video is a little bit amazing sir.

  3. I’m sure there was lots of room for a big camera behind Ronnie’s and Heather’s shoulders on the VERY REAL tube train they must have filmed on.

  4. And cheers Clive! Oy, sort your icons out lads ;-p

  5. I don’t have an icon as I don’t belong to whatever the hell this Gravatar thing is.

  6. I think when you sign up you get an avatar AND SOME GRAVY. I am waiting for my gravy.

  7. I’ve always found Doctor Who more realistic than Eastenders. What’s more likely, Grant and Phil being the hardest men in the east end or Daleks being real?

  8. I do see your point!

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